Trip ScholarshipApplication process

Here are the steps for the application process.

  • Download and print applications from the Apoyemos Web site, located under the “forms” tab.
  •  Applications for financial assistance for up to 50% of the trip costs are to be dropped off or mailed to John Ferraro, Principal West Sylvan Middle School in a sealed envelope marked confidential.
  • The deadline is November 1st.  
  • Applications must be complete and include required forms.   Incomplete applications will be declined.  
  • Requests will be reviewed by a third-party financial advisor who will make recommendations to the board.  
  • Upon approval, the decisions will be communicated to the families and Andeo prior to the date of the Initial Application and deposit payment.  
  • The approved amount will be paid by Apoyemos to Andeo as a part of the last deposit(s) and/or final payment.  

We realize that parents are anxious to find out if their request has been approved, but we also need to give families the time to submit the requests and our advisor the time to review and make their recommendations to the board.  

Questions about the scholarship application should be directed to John Ferraro (, the West Sylvan principal or Jennifer Briglia, Apoyeomos board chairperson,  (



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