2014 Chaperones for Spain

Please join me in welcoming your chaperones for the 2014 West Sylvan trip to Madrid:
Jesse Rader
Sara Matano
Pablo Dipascuale
Alternate: Kathryn Scribner
The interview committee felt that Jesse Rader, Sara Matano, and Pablo Dipascuale bring a complimentary array of qualifications to their roles that will make them a fantastic choice for this pioneer trip to Madrid.
Jesse Rader is a registered nurse, fluent in Spanish, was a Peace Corp volunteer, and takes annual trips to Peru as part of Faces Foundation. She is also an 8th grade parent.
Sara Matano is a Spanish Immersion teacher at West Sylvan, is a native Spanish speaker, has both participated in and lead groups of young people on overseas programs, is very familiar with Madrid, and is familiar with many of the 8th grade students as a block teacher.
Pablo Dipascuale is an IB and Spanish Immersion teacher at Lincoln High School, is a native Spanish speaker from Argentina, is a club soccer coach and has traveled with students extensively within the US in his coaching capacity, and is skilled at managing kids in a way that is both safe and fun.
Please join me in thanking Jesse, Sara, and Pablo for accepting the chaperone role to Spain this summer.
Yours kindly,
Marla McLeod-Ali, Apoyemos board member

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