Reminder: Copy of Passport needed

Hi everyone,
ANDEO needs to have a copy of each participant’s passport on file.
You can email a copy to Rebecca at or you can mail them a copy.
Please do this at the earliest possible convenience.
Thank you,
Jesse Rader


Homework for Trip Orientation

Dear West Sylvan travelers,
We are nearly two weeks away from your orientation meeting on Sunday, May 4th!

I am looking forward to seeing everyone then and going over more program and travel details, as well as answering your questions.

To prepare for our meeting, you have a homework assignment! We are asking you to put together a small photo album to share (eventually) with your host family in Madrid. We will be practicing presenting these at the orientation, so please make sure to have your album completed, to have practiced a bit before, and to know all the vocabulary you need to explain your pictures, etc.

Please find the details on this preparation assignment attached.

Let me know if you have any questions.

As a reminder, students should arrive at the orientation at 2pm on Sunday, May 4th at 1226 SW Salmon (First Unitarian Church, across I-405 from Lincoln).

Parents will join us for the last hour, from 5-6pm.


Instructions:  A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!
We suggest bringing a small photo album with photos of you (childhood photos too!), your family and friends, your home and school, your dog and iguana…whatever is an important part of your life here. Your new host family and friends may have heard a lot about California, but probably know very little about the Northwest. You should be able to explain some things about yourself…in Spanish, of course!
You will practice this at the student orientation. After dividing into small groups, each student in the group will share his/her photos, in Spanish, with the others. The others can join the fun by pretending to be family members and asking questions.
Bring your photo album to the orientation and be ready to talk about the photos and yourself. Practice before the orientation so you know the vocabulary and phrases you’ll need to explain the photos.
In addition to photos, you may want to include…
 a map of Oregon and/or Portland
 postcards
 brochures about area attractions
 information about Oregon, Portland, your school…

Friendly Reminder: Orientation May 4th

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Connect with ANDEO!

Phone: 503.274.1776
Toll-free: 800.274.6007

620 SW 5th Avenue
Suite 625
Portland, Oregon 97204
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Save the date: 
Orientation Meeting for Spain
Sunday, May 4th

Dear Spanish immersion students and parents,

Are you wondering what to pack for your adventure in Spain? Do you need advice on how to deal with culture shock? Would you like to get some suggestions on how to make your homestay a good experience for you and your host family?  We will provide all that and more at the orientation meeting on Sunday, May 4th!

When: Sunday May 4th2-6pm for students, 5-6pm for parents 

Where: Eliot Center at the First Unitarian Church

           1226 SW Salmon St, Portland, OR 97205

            Room B302 (on the 3rd floor)


This is an important part of your preparation for your program in Spain, so the meeting is mandatory. Parents: please note you are only required to attend for the last hour from 5-6pm. Your child, however, will need to arrive at 2pm for student-centered activities. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or at 503.274.1776.

Warm regards,

Rebecca Gundle
Program Coordinator 

Proposed Itinerary



Attached you will find the latest proposed itinerary from ANDEO (link above).   They have been working hard to incorporate most of our asks into the itinerary, and provide the best experience possible for our children. Feel free to contact me via this forum or by email with any concerns.

Thank You,

Jesse Rader