$ USD 1= 0.73 Euros

Is anyone arranging to bring Euros with them?
My credit union gives a direct exchange but charges a $25 fee; other banks use a third party vendor and charges lower fees and their rate are around 0.63 . At least that is what I found out today!
Does anyone know of more competitive rates or better place to exchange?


6 thoughts on “Euros

  1. A couple of the Wells Fargo branches downtown are ‘currency centers’ and stock Euros. No additional fees to customers, $7.00 fee for non customers. Same exchange rate as most banks, but Euros don’t have to be ordered.

    There are also a few good debit card options (mostly from credit unions) that don’t charge high exchange rates or fees for withdrawals from Spanish banks.

  2. I found a service called Travelex… which has several offices around the Portland area. Unfortunately, I left my notes about rates on my office desk.

    I do recall that although they didn’t offer the best rate (currently .6598), their fee was either lower or nonexistent. As a result, when dealing with smaller dollar-euro exchanges, they appeared a better fit than a bank/service that had better rates but a fixed fee just to initiate the exchange.


  3. I decided not to bring Euros do to the cost of just ordering a small amount. I went with a prepaid MasterCard called a cash passport that you load whatever currency you need on the card. The card can be used as an ATM or debit, but there is a 2.00 euro fee for each withdrawal, no fee for purchases but third party fees may apply. Not sure this is the best way, but seems the easiest… If the card gets lost or stollen a replacement card can be sent in 24 hours with no charge. You can reload the card online, but a minimum of 250.00$ can only be done ( that’s a bummer)..

  4. I wanted to contribute some information. I’ve attached an information sheet on AAA prepaid Visa cards. You have to be a AAA member, but most people are. Some benefits are that parents can add money from home if needed. Also, a second card can be purchased and if the first card gets eaten by an ATM or lost, the money is still available on the second card. The first card costs $5.95. The second card costs $1.50. The cards are good in the US and oversees and valid for 3 years.

    AAA also sells Euros. The fee is $10.50 for any amount ordered.

    The AAA office is at 600 SW Market St. Downtown near PSU. There is free parking in the front lot. The phone number for Visa and Euro info is 503-222-6366. Ask for Mitzi Behrens.

    Books, games, pillows, converters, etc are available for sale in the travel store.


    Janet Fleshman
    AAA Oregon/Idaho
    600 SW Market St.
    Portland, OR 97201
    503-222-6942 (direct)
    503-222-6756 (fax)


    Membership means more®

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