Tomorrow the adventure begins…..

As we are all getting ready for the big day, and I am testing out my ability to blog via iPad since I have downloaded the WordPress app, I wanted to take a moment to post a few reminders:

* We will be blogging during the trip. We will post some updates including information that we have arrived, and some photos during the trip.

* Make sure the students are wearing their blue Spain T-shirts, so we can easily identify them in the airport. Don’t forget passports.

* When we arrive at Dallas/Fort Worth (13:35), Apoyemos has allocated $15/ per student (each way) for food during the layover (both ways).

* The bag limit is 50 lbs. the students will be responsible for their own bags. This came up in our home, so I will mention it: carry on vs. checking. Natalie had the thought of just carrying her bag onto the plane since it is small enough. Think about this in the layover, you will be responsible for your bag and have to carry it through the airport. No one will offer to watch/ carry it for you. You could leave it somewhere, forget about it etc. I advise checking the bag and not having to worry about it until arrival.

* Finally, a reminder about electronics. While we all have our personal opinions regarding this topic and I understand, rules are rules. We will enforce the no electronics policy. Electronic devices (cell phones and iPods) will be collected and returned when we arrive back in PDX if students are in violation of this rule. This puts us chaperones in an awkward position to have to enforce this rule, so we politely ask that this is respected by the students and families as well. Keep them at home.

We are all ready to go and are looking forward to seeing everyone bright and early at 0500.

Jesse Rader


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