The First Days at Gredos San Diego Matelez

“My family took me to the city center….I went horseback riding…I rode a Gondola…. went to the Zoo…..I am becoming one with the pool as it is hot….. I have been watching soccer….I forgot … Still can’t get over the phone rule….everyone here watches TV…..we ate paella…..They eat late……we stay up late…. I love the clothes……they live in apartments…..we worked with the little ones and they are so cute in their shirts (uniform).”

Regardless of whether we are rural or in a modern city, the kids are out of their comfort zone, in a place where the language is different, the lifestyle is different, the weather, the hours kept etc…..the kids are realizing that being 14 in Spain, not so much different from their 14-year-old lives at home. same but different. Though they do not have their phones, they are still connected, there are iPhones but most young kids don’t have them, but have one for much the same reasons. This is what the kids report when I talk to them. (I personally note the use of they and we in how they communicate). This is the beginning of the experience for them.

To start, the kids are spending their first two days at language class. They started off try to assess where our children are and ended introducing some new topics. On the second day they talked about slang terms commonly heard in Spain and touched on how they evolved over time. The differences in how you use these terms invoke different meanings good and bad.
They are starting to prepare the kids for the trip tomorrow to the Prado and the Retiro Botanical Gardens. They are introduced to Goya and his works. Alberto is a very dynamic presenter, had the kids engaged, talking, presenting and even threw in some history about Napoleon and references to Saturno and Greek Mythology.


You can tell that the teachers enjoy teaching the kids, I think they are a little nervous because the teachers don’t speak English. Slowly the kids are figuring that there many ways to communicate.

Imagine getting ham similar to prosciutto on a baguette for a snack, Heavenly! The kids are getting used to eating such a big meal at lunch but their biggest attraction seems to be the cafe where they treat themselves to a soda.





Again in the afternoon the kids are again interacting with the different grades today is primary school for gym class. They are playing a game similar to kickball and they are mixed in with them on the teams. The kids seem to enjoy this.




The kids will all be reunited tomorrow and we are all looking forward to that. Pablo will post on Gredos San Diego Vallecas


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