Gredos San Diego Vallecas

Upon arrival in Madrid on Friday, students were dropped-off at their respective schools to become familiar with the campus and later meet their respective host families. Ten students, with the supervision of Pablo Dipascuale, made GSD Vallecas their new, temporary school. This institution, one of eight throughout the city of Madrid, is responsible for the education of young minds from the early ages of pre-K all the way to high school graduation (beginning with Educación Infantil, later Educación Primaria, then Educación Secundaria, and finally Bachillerato). While Friday afternoon merely consisted of a brief orientation and lunch prior to pick-up, Monday began the work in the classrooms made up of grammar, historical, and cultural lessons. This day also served as a pleasant reunion for the class after each student spent the entire weekend alone with their host-families. The schedule for the first two days of the week were very similar as students were immersed in the classroom sessions led by a Gredos teacher and later were able to partake in service learning opportunities as they assisted in classrooms of ‘Educación Infantil’ and ‘Educación Primaria’. In addition, since this week is the end of the school year for all the youngers at Gredos, the students were able to participate in the viewing party of the end-of-the-year video made-up of students and staff from the GSD Vallecas community (photo attached). The remainder of this week awaits more classroom sessions as well as a couple of outings, including one to see the ‘Museo del Prado’. Paz.

Pablo G. Dipascuale







One thought on “Gredos San Diego Vallecas

  1. Thanks for the update Pablo. I’d love to hear how the kids are adjusting and to see some more picture of the kids.

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