Reminder about financial aid November 1 2013 deadline!

Parents, this is a reminder that the Financial Aid application deadline is looming next week!  Please click on this link to be taken to the Apoyemos forms page:


Remember, we are speaking about the US Postal Service

Hey Everyone:

Spain Applications and deposits are due next Tuesday, October 15th.  If you are mailing the forms and check, please have them in the mail by tomorrow, Thursday Oct. 10th!  (remember, Monday is a holiday…no mail!)



620 SW 5th Ave. ; suite 625

Portland, OR 97204

Forms are found here:

Want more time?  Just make sure you drive it to the ANDEO offices at the address above.

Meeting Notes from The mandatory Madrid meeting.

JIll Goldsmith’s bullet points from Tuesday’s meeting.

  • Financial Assistance.  The deadline is November 1 for financial assistance (up to 50% of the trip costs).  Forms are available on the Apoyemos Website:  Please send your questions to Jennifer Briglia, the Apoyemos Board President, at  Jennifer has recruited a confidential volunteer who will be processing the applications.  This person has a financial background and is unaffiliated with our class.  This person will be reviewing all the applications for financial assistance and making recommendations to the Apoyemos Board by indicating scholarship recipients by a number and an amount of recommended assistance.  This process will be held confidential and the recipients of the scholarships will remain anonymous.  The Apoyemos Board will review the recommended amounts and if accepted, write a lump sum check to ANDEO on behalf of the scholarship recipients.  Scholarship recipients will be notified individually of the results.
  • Chaperones.  The deadline to apply to be a chaperone is November 1.  The form is a questionnaire & is available on the Apoyemos website.  Chaperones will be selected by an interview panel made up of former chaperones who have gone on the trip (who will be recruited by the Apoyemos Board).  Marla McLeod-Ali is the Apoyemos contact.(
  • Commitment to go on the trip.  The application for your child to go on the trip, along with the $500 deposit & behavior agreement is due by October 15.  The trip application form is on the Apoyemos web site,  No applications will be accepted after October 15, 2013.
  • Future Meetings.  In the spring, we will have a full day orientation for students to discuss the trip and to run through scenarios on things that might happen and how to handle them.  In addition, in May or June, we will have a meeting  coordinated by the chaperones to assign kids to a particular chaperone group.

Mandatory meeting now 10/1; 6:30pm, WS Library

Mandatory Meeting

The meeting date has been changed to Tuesday, October 1, 2013 6:30 pm in the West Sylvan Library. Rebecca Gundle from ANDEO will be there to answer any and all questions along with members of the Apoyemos Board and John Feraro the West Sylvan Principle.

If you are un-able to attend, please let us know at the following email address:

Behavior Contract

There is a behavior contract that has been finalized and approved by ANDEO and Apoyemos.  It needs to be submitted with the initial application on October 15.  Please download the form from the link below.

Behavior agreement 2014

Info Handout Spain 2014 Students_Parents

Scholarships Update

All parents will complete their student’s initial application and pay their deposit by October 15th.  The deadline for requesting financial assistance is November 1st and parents will be notified not later than November 15th.   Due to this delay, parents applying for assistance will have until Nov. 15th to cancel and still receive a full refund of their deposit if unable to afford the trip due to financial hardship.

Download and print the application from the Apoyemos Web site, located under the “forms” tab.


2014 Capstone Trip Madrid Spain

Hi everyone I am Jesse Rader and I am the trip liaison for our class. Here is some information: regarding the trip details

People to Know:

Apoyemos Trip Liasion:  Marla McCleod-Ali (Chaperones and Scholarships)

8th grade Trip Liaison Parent: Jesse Rader

Blog Mistress: Celeste Lewis

Capstone Steering Committee Chair: Jill Goldsmith

ANDEO Representative: Rebecca Gundle

Tentative Dates for the Trip: June 24th– July 12th, 2014 (Finalized Oct 15th)

Payment Schedule:           

  • October 15, 2013:  $500 with Initial Application (Attached)
  • November 15, 2013: $1,200 with completed application packet
  • February 1, 2014: $1,200 due
  • April 1, 2014: Final Balance Due

Parent and Child Mandatory Information Meeting:

  • Wednesday, October 2, 2013 6:00-7:30 pm in the West Sylvan Library.  Rebecca from ANDEO will be there to field any and all questions regarding the trip.

Other Pertinent Information:

  • Please post all questions to the blog.  Questions are great and I am sure that others have similar questions and want to know the answers.
  • Sr. Otero has volunteered to work with ANDEO and Gredos on the language instruction so they are on the same page regarding our language instruction needs.
  • If you know someone who is on not on the blog please tell them to “follow”  the blog, given all the information will be there.
  • There will be a paper copy of the update information and initial application at the school office and in the block classes.  There is also a copy here:  Info Handout Spain 2014 Students_Parents