Tomorrow the adventure begins…..

As we are all getting ready for the big day, and I am testing out my ability to blog via iPad since I have downloaded the WordPress app, I wanted to take a moment to post a few reminders:

* We will be blogging during the trip. We will post some updates including information that we have arrived, and some photos during the trip.

* Make sure the students are wearing their blue Spain T-shirts, so we can easily identify them in the airport. Don’t forget passports.

* When we arrive at Dallas/Fort Worth (13:35), Apoyemos has allocated $15/ per student (each way) for food during the layover (both ways).

* The bag limit is 50 lbs. the students will be responsible for their own bags. This came up in our home, so I will mention it: carry on vs. checking. Natalie had the thought of just carrying her bag onto the plane since it is small enough. Think about this in the layover, you will be responsible for your bag and have to carry it through the airport. No one will offer to watch/ carry it for you. You could leave it somewhere, forget about it etc. I advise checking the bag and not having to worry about it until arrival.

* Finally, a reminder about electronics. While we all have our personal opinions regarding this topic and I understand, rules are rules. We will enforce the no electronics policy. Electronic devices (cell phones and iPods) will be collected and returned when we arrive back in PDX if students are in violation of this rule. This puts us chaperones in an awkward position to have to enforce this rule, so we politely ask that this is respected by the students and families as well. Keep them at home.

We are all ready to go and are looking forward to seeing everyone bright and early at 0500.

Jesse Rader



$ USD 1= 0.73 Euros

Is anyone arranging to bring Euros with them?
My credit union gives a direct exchange but charges a $25 fee; other banks use a third party vendor and charges lower fees and their rate are around 0.63 . At least that is what I found out today!
Does anyone know of more competitive rates or better place to exchange?

Flight Itinerary

Several people have been asking, so here is the flight information .  It is included in the folder distributed at the Orientation Meeting.  It has not changed.  The trip is coming soon and I hope everyone is getting excited.  Graduation on Thursday!!!


6/19/2014 – AA 1220 depart PDX 7:50 – arrive DFW 13:35
6/19/2014 – AA 36 depart DFW 17:50 – arrive MAD 10:05 
7/7/2014 – AA 37 depart MAD 13:00 – arrive DFW 16:35
7/7/2014 – AA 2211 depart DFW 21:25 – arrive PDX 23:15
Jesse Rader


Friendly reminder to have your child bring a water bottle!!!!!


Please remember that having a water bottle is important during the summer temperature!

Jesse Rader


Average temp in Madrid for July 1st is 88 degrees F. 

To compare, average daily high for Portland for July 1 is 76 F.
Hydration is key!!!

Rebecca Gundle
Program Coordinator
ANDEO – International Homestays
620 SW 5th, #625
Portland OR 97204
tel: 503.274.1776 or 800.274.6007

An Opportunity to be a Host Family for Gredos with ANDEO

Andeo Summer Hosting Opprtunities
Dear Family,

I hope your child has been enjoying communicating with their Spanish host family who they will soon meet in person in Madrid!

Just like the program your son or daughter will be participating in, we offer a similar program here in Portland for Gredos Spanish teens.  We still need a few more welcoming host families for this group and since you are already beginning to form connections and friendships with the Gredos community, I wanted to reach out to the West Sylvan community to see if you’d be able to help.   

These students will be arriving the evening of June 23rd and departing on July 14 (so your returning Spanish Immersion child will actually get to know them during their last week here). They have English classes and activities in downtown Portland each weekday from 9-5:30, and generally take TriMet back and forth each day. 

Since they are with other teens their age all day in classes and activities, you don’t need to have a teen at home. If you have a younger or older child, you can still host!  They are looking forward to spending their evenings and weekends with your family. 

If you are interested in hosting, please contact me right away — many of these kids need their host family details by next week so we’re hoping to find a few great families in the next few days!  You can click on the names below to read a little about some of the students who still need host families.  If you want to host one, please call or email me!

Jorge, 14-years old, loves soccer, basketball, ping pong and dogs! He can’t wait to visit the United States so he can see how Americans live their daily lives.

Laura, 15-years old, enjoys skiing, swimming and skating and can’t wait to learn English and meet new friends!

– Lucía, 14-years old, describes herself as a cheerful, happy and outgoing girl who likes sports, music, reading and singing.

Sandra, 16-years old, dreams of coming to the United States in order to improve her English and learn about another culture.  She is a competitive swimmer and also enjoys photography and music.

I hope to hear back from many of you soon!

Saludos cordiales, 

P.S. If you know of any friends or family in the Portland area who might be interested, please forward this email and have them contact us. 

Rebecca Gundle

Program Coordinator
ANDEO International Homestays
620 SW 5th Ave
Suite 625
Portland, Oregon 97204

Trip is coming soon, for those who travel any good pointers?

The trip is coming soon and excitement is in the air!!!!  We will be using this forum to send information on what we are doing on the trip and I hope to share photos.

  You will see some more posts to help build excitement but also as a way to share information that may be useful:

I like to think myself a well traveled person, but yet every time I go on a trip or talk to someone else who has traveled, I always learn something new and useful.  For example, getting a prepaid credit card for Natalie to have on this trip? (Why didn’t I think of that?). I am reaching out to all of you, to share some great learning ideas, tips and things that people do to make traveling easier.

  • I will start with my tried and true: Earplugs.  Blocking out the airplane noise (and city noise) helps me sleep better on trips and helps with jet lag, blocking out that constant airplane white noise.

What can you share?  Please share in the comments.

Jesse Rader

Friendly Reminders

Hi, everyone,

Just a Friendly reminder about two important documents:

  • The Medication Form located in the folder given at orientation.
  • A copy of your child’s passport.

Please get these documents to Rebecca at ANDEO as soon as possible.

The trip is coming soon, I can feel the excitement in the air!!!

Jesse Rader

Homestay Families

Today the kids should have received who their homestay families are when they go to Spain.
So Exciting!!!!
The trip will be here soon!!

ANDEO needs a copy of each kid’s passport, if you haven’t sent one to them, please do.

Friendly Reminder: Orientation May 4th

Friendly reminder that this is this weekend. Students need to have their photo book assignment completed as they will practice presenting it.

The class of 2018 Apoyemos Summer Homestay

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Connect with ANDEO!

Phone: 503.274.1776
Toll-free: 800.274.6007

620 SW 5th Avenue
Suite 625
Portland, Oregon 97204
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Save the date: 
Orientation Meeting for Spain
Sunday, May 4th

Dear Spanish immersion students and parents,

Are you wondering what to pack for your adventure in Spain? Do you need advice on how to deal with culture shock? Would you like to get some suggestions on how to make your homestay a good experience for you and your host family?  We will provide all that and more at the orientation meeting on Sunday, May 4th!

When: Sunday May 4th2-6pm for students, 5-6pm for parents 

Where: Eliot Center at the First Unitarian Church

           1226 SW Salmon St, Portland, OR 97205

            Room B302 (on the 3rd floor)


This is an important part of your preparation…

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